Innovative Technologies

i-HSEInnovative HSE 

Control of HSE indicators using artificial intelligence and image processing. The science of image processing is one of the branches of deep learning or Deep Learning. This field is considered as a subset of data sciences and its main purpose is to obtain hidden patterns in images and cognitive analysis.

These analyzes are optimized on the Python platform using OpenCV algorithms and more than 5 independent datasets and thousands of images have been used to evaluate its performance.

The objectives of the i-HSE project consist of 3 main parts. The first part includes discovering the location of the elements and forces of the project and adapting their position to the risk plan and potential hazards in the workshop and managing the position of the elements and manpower. The second part is the analysis of online images taken from the cameras inside the workshop as well as mobile cameras in order to discover the locations of the observer and also to discover the potential areas of danger. The third part is the identification of safety tools with human resources in the entry stage to the main site of the workshop. Analyzing and collecting the output information of the described processes and managing its data along with process management and manpower position reduces potential risks and optimizes HSE processes and reduces material and non-material costs of the project.