Barekat Project

Barekat Pharmaceutical City

Project Area : 180 Hectar

Client: Barekat Pharmaceutical City

Supervision: Haraz Rah Consulting Engineers

Contractor: Paya Sazeh Pasargad

Started at: 2014

Duration: 12 Month

Project Status: Finished

Location: Tehran ,Iran

This company was established in 2000 and is one of the leading companies in large projects of design, implementation and maintenance of electrical installations in various ministries, including the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, Tehran and Qom municipalities. The company in all these projects of electrical equipment and machinery such as low and medium pressure power networks, high and low step transformers, capacitor bank, switchboards, electrical switchboards, electrical protection systems, lightning systems, diesel generators and electric motors Has used the fields of design, construction, maintenance along with electrical specialists and engineers.


Some electrical and installations projects :

  • Design and implementation of low and medium voltage power lines (20Kv) in Barakat Pharmaceutical and Industrial Town.
  • Design and implementation of construction, electrical and mechanical facilities of Expo Garden China
  • Design and implementation of electrical and mechanical facilities of the 26-storey tower and Atieh II Hospital.
  • Operation, maintenance and maintenance of low and medium voltage power networks in industrial estates
  • Design and implementation of electrical system of Torbat Jam Cement Factory (West Asia Cement) and supply of 63kv / 400v electricity network.