Payasazeh Pasargad Company, in order to promote the construction industry and comprehensive development of the economy, in 2014, in addition to playing a role as a contractor, also entered the field of investment in the construction industry. Because we believe that the increasing growth of Iran’s economy goes beyond the synergy of Iranian capital, knowledge and expertise. Therefore, in spite of the special economic conditions of the country in these years, the Pasargad Payasazeh family has assumed that it will help the growth and development of the construction industry with all its might, along with Iranian employers and specialists. Today, in 3 major commercial, entertainment and residential projects, in addition to his professional role as a contractor, he also performs investment duties. If you are interested in participating in the investment of the projects of this series, Payasazeh family will warmly shake your hands.

Projects under construction of Payasazeh Pasargad’s Structure

Kelarabad luxury villas project

Project area 50 thousand square meters
User: Recreational residential
Status: Under construction

Owner: Payasazeh Pasargad

Emerald Qom Welfare Commercial Complex Project

Project area 78000 square meters
business use
Status: Under construction

Owner: Qom Municipality and Pasargad Building